How Backlinko Achieved 652% Increase in Organic Traffic in 7 Days

Backlinks are also known as inbound links which are present in a webpage. These links are from other web resources. These are like the in-text citations in academic work. The backlinks on a webpage contain various links (related) from other websites or web pages that are used as guiding links. One can easily open those links and further read about a certain term or topic with more details through other websites. The backlinks help in gaining more organic traffic than usual.

Backlinko is an online marketing blog that Dean launched in 2010. The site has grown rapidly over the past five years and currently receives nearly 100,000 visitors a month—a significant number for a blog in the insanely competitive SEO niche.The reason behind this is the use of several backlinks. The extra or inbound links helps in increasing the number of traffic to a great extent.

There are certain ten lessons which are needed to be learned for having an effective backlink. Also, adopting these lessons as a strategy has helped the backlinks to gain 652% of organic traffic in just 7 days.

The first lesson includes, willing to burn money upfront. Businesses are not expected to become successful in days so it is useful to invest a large amount of money in a business at once. Entrepreneurs must recognize that their ventures can take months and possibly even years to succeed. You need to balance the need to burn money upfront with the ability to pay your bills.Live cheaply for a while if you need to, but don’t risk losing your business because you aren’t willing to invest what you need to before it becomes self-sustaining.

The next lesson is to understand and conform to long term trends. Trends are very important for the industry. Various trends need to be followed by certain industries to become successful. It may be tempting to try to make a quick buck capitalizing on short-term trends, but you need to make sure that your business practices work in the long-term if you want to maintain growth and earn a solid reputation.

Following different strategies on scale growth is another lesson that the backlinks have adopted for increasing the organic traffic on their website. This teaches that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one growth strategy. While you don’t want to try so many things that you can’t invest in fully on any one tactic, you need to be aware of the benefits and limits of every tactic. The next lesson is making outreach a priority. The best place to start getting your content promoted is to share it with industry thought leaders who have already posted similar content on their social networks. Of course, you’ll also want to vet people according to the amount of social influence that they have. See how many real followers they have in their networks before reaching out to them.

Further, leveraging all the available data for the campaigns is very important. As with any digital marketing campaign, you're going to need to do your testing and collect your data for optimization purposes.However, you’ll be starting from a better place if you have a sense of what works in advance. There are plenty of tools available that will help you collect data before getting started, so take advantage of them to create campaigns that are set up for success. Along with these, there are many such lessons which have helped the blacklinko in becoming successful and attracting a great percentage of organic traffic in a shorter period (Anton, 2020).


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