Responsive Design Adds 188% in Revenue

Think Tank Photo (TTP) makes equipment and accessories for photographers. After seeing more and more of their visitors come from mobile devices (13% of all traffic, a 3x increase from the previous year), they decided to implement responsive design.

After implementing responsive design, transactions from mobile devices increased 96% from the previous year. The mobile users browsed more pages (page views increased 224%), and revenue increased 188%.


Taking design advantage of users on mobile devices improves their experience, which can increase revenue.

But there’s an overarching idea here, and that’s consistency. What is important is consistency among brand experience and a consistency of excellence. Take Apple products for instance. Each product has the same look and feel, which delivers a consistent experience of excellence.

It’s the same with the web – you want the same experience using a mobile device that you have using your computer. You shouldn’t have to experience a worse design because you’re on mobile. This is why, I hypothesize, that many brands using responsive design see an increase in engagement and an improvement among all the KPIs. It’s the consistency that people experience and the usability that makes the difference.

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